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Services & Techniques

At Plinke Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Amherst chiropractic office, but please call us at 716-694-7790 if you have any questions!

Chiropractic Care

We provide chiropractic adjustments utilizing "hands on" chiropractic techniques. Dr. Todd and Dr. Pete have years of training, expertise and experience in helping people achieve maximum health and well being as well as relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions originating from the spine. Chiropractic care can even be used to help babies and children function to their fullest potential, and help with such conditions as ear infections, constipation, colic, and acid reflux.  In fact, it doesn't matter what age you are, from infant to elderly, spinal care is important on a regular basis for complete health and healing.

Lifestyle Advice

Many of our patients come to see our chiropractor to address a specific pain symptom such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. While our chiropractor will address each patient's specific condition with chiropractic care, we often find it helpful to "coach" our patients towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. For example, there may be certain activities that you should avoid or do differently to prevent yourself from unintentionally aggravating your particular health challenges. The goal of including lifestyle advice with a chiropractic care plan is to help each and every patient achieve the fulfilling and happy lifestyle they deserve, one that is full of the activities that are enjoyed most. We recognize that every single one of our patients is a whole person, and we use our expertise to help them reach total health and wellness.

  • contoured cervical (neck) pillows
  • chiro-klenz tea
  • On-Premise X-Ray Facility
  • SEMG (Surface EMG and Thermal Scan)


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