Patient Testimonials

Our Amherst, NY patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Plinke and Plinke Chiropractic!

Buffalo, NY
Since starting care I have more energy, I am pain free, can exercise more and feel less stressed. I feel generally healthier.
North Tonawanda, NY
I physically feel better with Chiropractic, headaches are gone and I am able to walk without major backaches.
Amherst, NY
My lower back pain is gone and my immune system is improved. I learned that vertebral subluxation can effect normal functions of the body, like your immune system.
Tonawanda, NY
Since coming in my health is improved and all pain is gone. My health at 66 is the best it has been in many years after chiropractic adjustments.
Niagara Falls, NY
Since starting care, my earaches are gone, my stomach is much better, and my allergies have not bothered me.
Mary Sue
Amherst, NY
What can I say about your staff? It's wonderful to be be greeted by your warm and welcoming staff who know each of us by name. It's great to be treated like a friend. You and your staff have created an atmosphere of wellness and energy!